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Office 365 Tips

A successful Office 365 rollout focuses on helping everyone understand the benefits of working in a new and secure way. Whilst a call to VBC would be our first recommendation, we recognise that not all organisations feel the need for external guidance.

Here are some helpful links and assets that will allow you to get you started. Whilst Office 365 is very approachable solution set, it quickly opens up a wealth of functionality that can be both powerful as well as challenging if not approached in a structured way.

  • The Office 365 Adoption Plan (.PDF 3.6mb) - Before rolling out Office 365, take a step back and think about why you acquired it in the first place. Was it led by specific technical requirements, as part of the IT upgrade cycle, or did you discover specific needs within the business?

Free Office 365 Trials

For a Free Microsoft Office 365 Trial today, with VBC white glove concierge service*, chose from one of the following options to fully explore features, set up user accounts and test drive Microsoft Office 365 Software as a Service (Saas) and or the Windows Azure Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) and Platform as a Service (Paas).

Step 1 - Sign-Up for a 25 user Free Trial 

  • Office 365 Enterprise (Plan E3) - Optimised for organisations of all sizes requiring access to the enterprise class features of the Office 365 family of products and Microsoft Office.
  • Office 365 Business - This trial is ideal for organisations unlikely to exceed 300 employees.
  • Office 365 Business Premium - This is ideal for organisations with up to 300 employees with limited IT staff or expertise.
  • Office 365 ProPlus - If you just want to try the latest version of the Microsoft Office applications, this is the option for you. Works well with on premise Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange solutions.
  • OneDrive for Business - This is ideal for organisations of any size who simply want to use the latest and greatest version of Microsoft Office with Cloud storage and none of the headaches of managing licenses or patching

Full details of these subscription plans and other options are available on the Microsoft Office 365 website.  


For more details please visit the Microsoft Windows Azure Website.

Step 2 - Call us

The VBC white glove concierge service* is a free no commitment consultation and oreintation which will provide you with a snapshot plan to get the most out of your trial or to establish a formal Proof of Concept (POC) exercise using the Microsoft Fast Track methodology.

*Using the Partner Delegate Administrative feature available in Office 365 or Co-Administrator role in Windows Azure. Terms of Delegate Administraion.