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Creating the Secure Workplace of Tomorrow Today

As we engage more technology delivered as a service in our daily lives and business and the information assets stored in remote specialised facilities, the notion and dependency on rigid places of work in their traditional form becomes obsolete. It begs the question as the desk phone is being replaced by the SmartPhone, will it be long before we are not bothering with the desk at all? 

Virtualising organisational IT is as simple as moving what you have in house into the Cloud. Instead of your organisation incurring the cost, maintenance overhead and exposure to your own IT resource limitations you liberate your Business thinking from such legacy concerns. We work with organisations who wish to transform, adopting a modern workplace posture. We work with to define a strategic plan to evolve your Business into a high velocity IT consumption as a service model with 24x7 helpdesk support all backed by guaranteed Service Level Agreements. Your valuable IT resources transformed from keeping the IT lights on to workforce mobilisers, helping your business get the maximum potential from technology in an increasingly agile mobile IT world.

The cost of a desk per person per annum in city centres is somewhere between £10,000 and £14,000. So reducing the number of fixed workstations can have a real impact on a company’s bottom line.

New hybrid workplaces foster greater employee productivity, agility and reduced absenteeism. Improve Busienss resiliance insulated from public transport strikes, breakdowns, dedicated office locations, or simple weather incursions.

For employees, flexibility means a better more rewarding work / life balance and job satisfaction.

Harnessing secure mobile and utility based technology that protects your data and devices wherever they are enables organisations to operate more flexibly, efficiently and securely with confidence. Few organisations do so at the same time as casting off the ball and chain of traditional organisational structures. Adapting business models, removing structures such as rigid daily migratory regimes and office environments and fixed schedules. The answer is found in the adaption towards a more 'Activity Based Working' organisational model built on a Cyber Security approach.

It is no longer enough to talk about evolving technology and adopting hybrid technology architectures without engaging organisational Cyber Security evolution. Welcome tp the ‘Secure Hybrid Organisation’ – one that is resilient in the face of rapidly evolving threats, flexible, nimble and encourages individuals with a variety of backgrounds and approaches, to work together to ensure organisational success in the most enrgising way.

The rapid rise of Cloud Computing and its veracious pace of change driving and providing ‘Evergreen’ IT for business is calling into question the standard assumptions to owning:

  • Infrastructure
  • Operating Systems
  • Applications
  • Datacenters
  • Cyber Security and peace of mind.

Successful organisations are the ones that are prepared for and embrace change, harnessing the information economy. Cybersecurity is what makes your business model operational in a digital information economy.