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The VBC Cyber Risk Impact Assessment

A consistent and reliable experience that allows you to focus on your objectives and desirable outcomes. We at VBC specialise in delivering an end to end experience starting with our 'Cyber Risk Assessment' that helps identify your organisations unique Cyber Security fingerprint. The assessment incorporates input from both Executive & Non-Exec perspectives and includes:

  • Cyber Security - Based on the ENISA (European Agency for Network and Information Security) Cloud Computing Risk Assessment.
  • Cloud Computing Readiness - A bespoke scope that provides insights across Business Strategy, Governance, People, Process and IT.
  • Data Privacy Audit - Data asset and process mapping, a critical requirement for the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).
You can have confidence that we will lead you through a logical process that will adapt and deliver to your unique IT Fingerprint. As you get to understand the opportunities and begin to feed in your own insights, a unique structure appears tailored to your operational needs:
  • A secure hybrid and mobile technology consumption environment
  • Managed support security services backed by Service Level Agreements
  • Proactive security advisory services delivering regular and relevant information to your unique requirements
  • Virtual CSO (Chief Security Officer) or Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) as a service - Allow us to provide you with breadth and scope to fill a role that many organisations struggle with

VBC uses a proven process building on research and investment by Microsoft to deliver reliable outcomes. The comprehensive 'Cyber Risk Impact Assessment' will determine your current state mapped against desirable operational outcomes. The Audit feeds into a detailed Plan which once signed off by the business we can work with you, or your chosen vendor, to Execute.

Integral to the whole process is a comprehensive tailored managed consultancy that draws in domain experts from our network of trusted partners across the leading Cloud and Cyber Security markets and Microsoft Ecosystem. 

  • Understanding the organization’s current systems and future business strategic requirements 
  • Applying that knowledge to set your unique Cyber Fingerprint and tolerance to risk
  • Ensuring objectives are managed to maintain real time alignment with the future business vision
  • Breach Readiness backed by an Industry First Cyber Warranty breach response service.

We provide sole or prime contractor responsibility throughout technology adoption process and into the future as your retained advisory and brokerage partner as desired.